South West Art

South West Art OPEN10 Charity Exhibition

To celebrate our 10 years in business (2005-15), we ran a Charity Open Exhibition from 7-14th November with all proceeds going to Dogs for Good (the new name for Dogs for the Disabled). By the end of that week we had raised just under £3000. With the generous help of our sponsors - St Cuthberts Mill, Daniel Smith, and Ampersand we can ensure that every penny raised will reach them.

Along with our very supportive customers we also had anonymous (and some quite disguised!) entries from artists such as Trevor Chamberlain ROI RSMA, Ray Balkwill SWAc, Stephen Brown RBA, Robert Crisp, Neil Cox, Matt Culmer, Hannah Twine, Favell Bevan-Arti.

Some of the entries didn't sell, and some of those kind artists have offered up their unsold entries for overs over £25 in the hope that we can reach that tantalizingly close milestone of £3k. Those images (along with the winners of the three awards/prizes from the exhibition) are available to view here. If you would liketo make us an offer we can't refuse for one of these unsold pieces please do contact us on 01395 514717 or on email.