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Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Ink feed


FW Acrylic Inks are an acrylic based pigmented water resistant ink in a range of 38 brilliant colours, all of which have fantastic lightfast performance.

Equally, however, colours can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolour. Such washes will dry to a water resistant film and successive layers of colour can be laid over a highly predicable manner.

The range is split into the standard colour range and the pearlescent colours, which are very popular for different effects, and especially for fantasy art.

FW Artists’ Inks work well through airbrushes and technical pens.

Both ranges are available in individual 29.5ml bottles and in different set selections.

Hints & Tips

Zest It and Oil Pastels

Add Zest It, low odour turpentine substitute, to oil pastels and discover a whole new painting medium.

Carry your water in your brush!

No need to take lots of equipment out with you - take an Aquash brush and your watercolour pencils and sketch on the move.