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Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour (W&N) feed


Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour offers the excellent advantage of faster drying times compared to traditional oil colours. This means that the traditional oil techniques of both impasto and glazing can be done in considerably less time and a painting can be completed in a single session.

This speedy drying time makes them ideal for working outdoors, and greater transparency means increased depth and clarity for glazes.

All colours are fully intermixable with standard oil colours. All standard oils, mediums and varnishes can be used with the Griffin Alkyd range of colours, minimising expenditure if you are looking to change over to the using Alkyd colours or to add a few to your palette.

All colours are available in 37ml tubes, and there are larger more economical 120ml tubes of white.

Hints & Tips

Zest It and Oil Pastels

Add Zest It, low odour turpentine substitute, to oil pastels and discover a whole new painting medium.

Carry your water in your brush!

No need to take lots of equipment out with you - take an Aquash brush and your watercolour pencils and sketch on the move.