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Winsor & Newton's Artist's Oil Colour is unmatched for it's purity, quality and reliability - a success which is reflected in it's world-wide reputation among professional artists. The highest quality level of pure pigments are used in the manufacture of these colours, and W&N's stringent quality control is applied to each and every colour. This ensures that this is the cleanest, brightest, most consistent colour range, which of course in turn produces the best colour mixes.

High covering power is a result of the pigment strength, as well as the thick buttery consistency of the Artist's Oil Colour range. The opacity and permanence vary with each pigment - therefore these values are detailed on each colour to help you choose the colour with the right qualities.

Due to the varying prices of pure pigments used, the range is split into four pricing series (Series 1 being the least expensive).

All colours are available in 37ml tubes, and larger more economical 120ml tubes of white.

Hints & Tips

Zest It and Oil Pastels

Add Zest It, low odour turpentine substitute, to oil pastels and discover a whole new painting medium.

Carry your water in your brush!

No need to take lots of equipment out with you - take an Aquash brush and your watercolour pencils and sketch on the move.