Daniel Smith Watercolour - Alizarin Crimson 5ml (S1)

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Alizarin Crimson is the oldest synthetic deep red-crimson pigment. It is a lake pigment which when applied in strength and kept from the direct sunlight will last for many decades. A beautiful bluish-red pigment from the staining family, Alizarin Crimson is an essential colour on most artist's basic palette, it mixes cleanly with most pigments to create dark mixtures and warm neutrals. Mixed with Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow) creates a surprising range of other colours resembling everything from Burnt Sienna and Umber to Payne’s Gray, or with French Ultramarine creates an intense purple.

Pigment: PR 83 | Series: 1
Lightfastness: IV – Fugitive
Transparency: Transparent
Staining: 3-Medium Staining
Granulation: Non-Granulating

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