Daniel Smith Watercolour - Moonglow 5ml (S2)

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One of Daniel Smith's favourite colours with our customers - watch out, its a gateway colour ... once you've used this you'll be hooked! 

When mixed with water it frees it to show the three pigments in its blend ... Anthraquinoid Red floats, Ultramarine Blue settles and Viridian greys the resulting violet colour. Selectively blot and lift a surface wash to expose delicate blue-greens. Use Moonglow in shadows and as a silhouette pigment and enjoy its reaction to a sprinkle of salt in background washes, or try a Moonglow twilight or stormy sky.

We've seen stunningly beautiful paintings done with just this and DS Quinacridone Gold which look like as if a wide palette has been used, not just two tubes!

Pigment: PG 18, PB 29, PR 177 | Series: 2
Lightfastness: I – Excellent

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