Old Holland 40ml Cobalt Blue (E250)

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Possibly the oldest and most highly respected range of oil colours on the worldwide market. Bright. Intense. Powerful. All Old Holland colours are made according to the recipes of Old Masters creating the best traditional colours and using the highest quality lightfast pigments with the maximum pigment concentration in every colour. Based on cold-pressed linseed oil from the first pressing of the seeds, and with a hand-painting colour sample on each tube - you will never be disappointed with the quality and vibrancy of an Old Holland oil colour! Fantastic value too as they go 2 to 3 times further than most other professional/artist's quality oil ranges.

E250 - Cobalt Blue - despite the cost this is still one of the most commonly used and most loved blues - undeniably blue and unbelievably strong this is a must have for pretty much every artist's palette - luckily a little goes a long way!

Pigment Code: PB28

Lightfast & Opaque

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