Daler Rowney - Artist Soft Pastel Set of 180 in Deluxe Wooden Box

£360.00 RRP £480.00 In Stock
A luxurious collection of artists' soft pastels beautifully presented in a deluxe wooden box. The perfect set for every discerning pastel artist.

Daler-Rowney Artists' Soft Pastels are a delight to use and have the softest, creamiest mark providing the most consistent coverage. All colours come in tints of 1-4 (4 being the deepest) with each vibrant colour derived from precise blending of finest quality pigments. Each colour has the same pigment combination, which is then mixed with superior quality chalk and china clay to produce the different tints. 

All colours are non-hazardous with minimal tendency to crumble and dust. The lightfastness of the range is unsurpassed and most soft pastels have a 3* or 4* permanence rating, so that the brilliant colour lasts.

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