South West Art

Delivery Information

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Where your order for art materials goes over £20 we will pay for the shipment. The method of this shipment is dependent on the value of the order, the nature of the items in the order (i.e. fragile products etc.) and of course postal delivery problems if there are any at the time will be taken into account.

Due to courier, insurance and packaging costs, the free delivery does not apply to items from the gallery.  In fact where possible we recommend not sending pictures by courier service, unless no alternative arrangements can be made.

Where a courier is used we will supply the tracking number to you personally so that you can track the delivery of your order.

Where Royal Mail is used we will be aware of lost or non-delivered items and will advise and/or compensate you accordingly.

For large and valuable items we will always use a courier service.

These extra services are at no extra cost to yourselves - please select the standard delivery option during the checkout procedure and we will cover the extra cost of ensure a safe transfer to your door!

If you require any further information, or have any other queries, with regard to the delivery of our orders please do contact us.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:50 )