Since COVID reared it's ugly head South West Art has broadened our services to cope with all that the pandemic and the ever-changing requirements and obstacles that have been put in our paths! One good thing about being a small business is that you can adapt as and when you need to - and we've become masters of business yoga & are now very flexible!! If the government say we can open, then we will be open, and if we can't we will ensure that there is a way in which we can still help you. If you can't get in to see us please give us a call or drop us an email and we will find a way to keep you creating throughout these unprecedented times.

We are a small independent business, run by our fabulous and friendly team of just five, from our high street shop in Sidmouth, Devon and therefore every single order, and every customer counts for us - we will do all we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and experience dealing with us.  We regularly hear from our customers comments such as "I wish we had a shop like this near where we live" - we now you do because our service is now available across the UK via this website! With the sad demise of many high streets across the UK we are a rare find as a specialist art shop. In fact most recently a professional artist that holds classes throughout the UK said to us "this is the best art shop in the country!" ... in other words ... WE MAY BE SMALL BUT WE ARE MIGHTY!  

In order to make our prices competitive, we always take 5% off the RRP for all colour ranges, and run a Loyalty Scheme for our regular customers, providing them with a further 10% off colours & all other products (including framing) at all times. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OUR LOYALTY SCHEME PLEASE CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE

We endeavour to ensure that our customer service meets the needs of each customer. We can promise that you will receive professional, friendly and reliable customer service, whatever your requirements. We try to stock both a student and an artists quality alternative to all mediums and colour ranges where possible to provide both pricing brackets.

We go to great lengths to ensure that we are getting the right product ranges to best suit our customers wants & needs. We want to have confidence in what we are selling you, and therefore we will never stock anything that won't do the job it's supposed to do - so we might not have the cheapest products but you can be sure that the products we provide won't hinder your creative efforts. Unfortunately in art, like many other things in life, "you get what you pay for" - if it's cheap, there's probably a reason why. Ultimately art is supposed to be enjoyable - products that are not fit for purpose will hinder that enjoyment. It would be like trying to play golf with a cricket bat - might be fun to start with, but it would be very limiting!

We have an extensive knowledge of art products, either as working artists ourselves or from having strong relationships with professionals & tutors, suppliers & manufacturers, built up over the past 16+ years - not only of the products we stock, but also those that may be available on the market worldwide. If we don't know the answer for you straight away we will do everything we can to find out for you, and to source it for you if at all possible. 

We are always very happy to help and provide further information. If you can not find what you need on this site, please do contact us, either by phone or on email, and we will do our best to help you find what you need. We are very happy to take orders over the phone as that enables us to talk through your requirements and ensure you are getting exactly what you need if you are in any doubt.

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