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South West Art Gallery The South West Art Gallery, Sidmouth, Devon.
Ben Hughes Landscape and Portrait painter Ben Hughes, loosely yet accurately captures the charm of Sidmouth!  We are very excited ...
Favell Bevan-Arti Experienced and popular pastel artist - a selection of originals and prints
Hannah Twine Originals & Limited Edition Signed Prints by Hannah Twine, Country Sporting Artist.
Lynsey Pickwell Original Linocuts & Etchings - created using a range of print processes with unusual and exciting effects.
Matt Culmer Landscape & Street Scene painter Matt Culmer has an exciting collection of Oil Paintings & Limited Edition Prints.
Neil Cox Wildlife and Sporting Artist - a selection of both originals and prints.
Ray Balkwill SWAc A selection of limited edition prints from Ray Balkwill SWAc
Robert Crisp A selection of original oil paintings and prints from Robert Crisp.
Stephen Brown RBA A selection of Originals & Signed Limited Edition Prints by Stephen Brown RBA
Customer Gallery Send us an image of your latest masterpiece to share with the world!
SWA OPEN10 Charity Open Exhibition - 2015 Charity Open Exhibition to celebrate the 10th Birthday of South West Art, Sidmouth
Richard Thorn SWAc We are excited to have limited edition prints by Richard Thorn.  These beautifully scenes full of colour and life, capt...