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ProArte Series 111 – Sablene Flat: Another new range of watercolour brushes from ProArte to replace the animal hair ranges. The Sablene series are a fully synthetic, vegan version of sable, made from a high performing blend of new synthetic fibres which mimic the many valuable properties that natural Sable hair has always been treasured for. With a variety of causes, not least of all a shortage (rightly) of natural animal hair and consequential steep price rises of raw materials, ProArte have developed this range in response to the demand to make an alternative to the sable hair which still perform well enough to satisfy even the most devout sable purists. The Sablene brushes are the perfect replacement: It looks like sable, feels like sable and works like sable!

Available in 3 sizes: ¼”, ½” & ¾”