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We are quite passionate about using the correct support for your art work - this comes not only from our knowledge and experience of art materials and what they should all do for you, but also from our framing for customers. You will find that with a good canvas: 
1. You won't need to prime it before you start painting - a good quality canvas will already be primed enough to support your colours without your paints soaking into it - this will save you time & money in primer/gesso, paints and varnish as cheaper canvases act like a sponge if you don't go through the extra preparation prior to painting. You will find the process of painting on a well-primed surface far easier and more enjoyable too.
2. Your artwork won't have to be re-stretched or sized onto board for framing - often cheap canvases are so mishapen that they are impossible to frame into a frame (unless you cab find a frame that makes wonky frames!), leading to the necessity to have to take the canvas from the original cheap stretcher bars and re-stretch it onto straight ones, or sizing the canvas onto board (which can be a risk to the artwork and therefore can devalue the work) both options increasing the cost of framing.

We only stock canvases that we have found to be consistently good quality in both surface, priming & structure of the stretcher bars, therefore they are unlikely to be the cheapest that you will find, but they will make your painting process much quicker, easier, successful and therefore more enjoyable!