Conte - Carres Hard Pastel Crayon - Bistre

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Conte crayons, with their square cross-sections offer rich, vivid colours which mix together nicely, and produce a range of effects which can be consistently produced.

These crayons are very soft to use and are manufactured using natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether).They are then baked after being extruded and dried.

The degree of baking varies the grade (hardness: H/softness: B) of the black and white crayons.

Their rich opacity makes them ideal for work on darker papers and their quality ensures the longevity of drawings.

Conte crayons are waxier and much firmer than soft pastels, so they produce little dust and are easy to control.

Each crayon measures 6x6x63mm.

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