PanPastel - Skin Tones Colour Palette 7 Colours Set

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PanPastel's unique mixing qualities makes it easy to blend skin tones. All colors can be mixed to create intermediate colors.

Each PanPastel color is loaded with the finest quality artists' pigments for the most concentrated colors possible. Made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder & fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and super-blendable colors. 

They are now being used extensively in combination with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and other artist’s soft blending pencil ranges for backgrounds and large areas of loose colour effects.

This kit includes:
7 x PanPastel Colours
  • 1 x Burnt Sienna Extra Dark 740.1
  • 1 x Yellow Ochre Tint 270.8
  • 1 x Burnt Sienna 740.5
  • 1 x Burnt Sienna Shade 740.3
  • 1 x Burnt Sienna Tint 740.8
  • 1 x Red Iron Oxide Tint 380.8
  • 1 x Colorless Blender 010
  • 1 x Palette Tray & Cover
  • 1 x Sofft Sponge Bar
  • 1 x Sofft Painting Knife (No.3)
  • 2 x Sofft Knife Covers (No.3)
  • 1 x Sofft Angle Slice Sponge

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