ProArte Series RSQ - Renaissance Squirrel Mop 12

£109.25 In Stock
A traditionally made squirrel hair mop brush range - with their unique ability to hold huge amounts of colour for those working on a large scale, but also holding a fine point for those more delicate marks too. Made using a traditional three-knot "quill" binding, ProArte are able to pack this particularly find hair tightly enough to create a brush which gives a superb belly and provides a long, useful life - like all mop brushes it is simply a delight to work with, but this range is more affordable than many making it a very popular range with our watercolour artists - both professional and amateur alike.
NB. sizes do vary quite a lot from other ranges - i.e. a size 2/0 in this range is more like a size 6 in the equavalent nylon round ranges such as Series 101 and the like.

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