ProArte Series 45 Sablesque Blended Mop - Size 10

£49.95 In Stock
A new range of watercolour brushes from ProArte the Series 45 Sablesque Blended Mop brush is made from a high performing blend of synthetic fibres, all finished in a traditional wire mop style and is the perfect replacement for the increasingly pricey Squirrel Mop ranges. With a variety of causes, not least of all a shortage (rightly) of natural animal hair and consequential steep price rises of raw materials, ProArte have developed this range in response to the demand to make an alternative to the squirrel hair mops with alternative cruelty free/vegan materials and still performing well enough to satisfy the squirrel/sable purists. The Sablesque Mops are the perfect replacement: It looks like squirrel, feels like squirrel, and works like squirrel!

Available in 8 sizes from 3/0 to 10.

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