W&N Professional Watercolour Field Box - 12 Half Pans

£72.00 RRP £95.10 In Stock
This lightweight, compact box contains everything required for outdoor painting with 12 half pans from Winsor & Newton's premium quality Artist's Watercolours. The well designed & durable plastic box contains: 1 x Pocket Brush, 1 x Artists’ Sponge, 1 x 35ml capacity water bottle, 1 x Water container, 12 x Half pans of Artists’ Water Colour: Winsor Lemon Yellow, Winsor Yellow, Winsor Red, Permanent Alizarine Crimson, French Ultramarine, Winsor Blue (Green Hue), Winsor Green (Yellow Umber), Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Ivory Black, Chinese White - in a handy pocket sized box.

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