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A wide range of loose watercolour sheets in half imperial size - 30 x 22"

We have papers in various weights (thickness) from 90lb (190gsm), which is useful for some printmaking, lettering/calligraphy, or dry media work but will cockle/buckle with any degree of water, through to 300lb (425gsm) which can handle just about anything you throw at it, in a variety of surfaces from Rough to very smooth (HP), and from a number of different manufacturers who each bring something different to their products for you to explore with your painting techniques.

The choice of paper can make a vast difference not only to the longevity and appearance of your watercolour paintings, but can make the experience of producing the work more enjoyable too - which is really what it's all about we think! If you're fighting to get a technique right, or just how you want it, why not try a different paper - it might be just what was needed to make your watercolours wonderous ...